Clear, Natural, Easy to Understand and Read English Bible

GOD'S WORD was produced to meet a need unmet by other Bible translations: the need for a Bible that is both accurate by scholarly standards and written in readable, natural, everyday English.

Some Bible translations are very scholarly in their approach to translation but use a form of English that requires readers to understand words, sentences, and phrases in ways that are not natural to the way in which American English is spoken or written.

Other translations have sacrificed accuracy in their attempt to be easy to read and understand.

GOD'S WORD was created using a theory of translation that combines accuracy with understandability. This theory is called closest natural equivalence. In short, closest natural equivalence concentrates on accurately translating the meaning of the original languages into natural English.

At the same time, closest natural equivalence retains as many of the unique characteristics of the original text as possible without making the English translation unnatural or harder to understand than the text was in the original languages.

We trust you'll enjoy the GOD'S WORD Translation as have thousands of other readers since 1995.

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