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GWN Mission Society Takes Critical Step

ORANGE PARK, Fla., April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- God's Word to the Nations Mission Society is actively seeking a new publisher/publishers for the GOD'S WORD® Translation. "In the past decade or so, God's Word to the Nations Mission Society has given away well over 2 million Bibles, New Testaments, and Scripture portions to those most in need. Yet, more is required to get the Society's exceptionally readable Bible into the hands of more and more people," says the Society's CEO and Executive Director Reverend D. Michael Hackbardt.

Which is why on January 31, 2016, God's Word to the Nations Mission Society ended its exclusive publishing agreement with the Baker Publishing Group.

"Roughly 140 million people living in the United States - 43% of the population - are considered "un-churched," says Hackbardt. " And, that does not consider the millions of people throughout the world who speak English as a second or third language. The Society's driving mission is to reach these people and meaningfully affect their lives through God's saving, life changing message."

"The Society is compelled to broaden accessibility to our Bible translation," says Hackbardt. "GOD'S WORD® is one of the most accurate and readable English translations ever produced. The translation's poetry and grammar are exceptional. Because it's written in clear, natural English like most novels, people readily engage with the text. The translation and outreach tools are a perfect fit for a variety of ministries, and with this move, we believe that it will empower a variety of groups to acquire the rights to use the translation and materials more easily."

GOD'S WORD® Bibles, New Testaments, and Scripture portions are available directly from the Mission Society via www.godsword.org. In addition, "The Society welcomes all requests for permission to use its translation and outreach tools by any publisher, para-church organization, or individual ministry," Hackbardt says. "The GOD'S WORD® text may be used within the Church, as well as to reach the un-churched; whether younger or older, educated or less educated, as well as the nearly one million international students attending our nation's universities."

To inquire about obtaining publishing rights to the GOD'S WORD® Translation or about permission to use portions of the GOD'S WORD® text in specific programs or products, email Rev. D. Michael Hackbardt at bible@godsword.org.

"GOD'S WORD® Products," says Hackbardt "are well-received by every age group, particularly active duty military personnel and their families, veterans, first responders like police and fire departments, kids' groups, teenagers, young adults, organizations serving the disadvantaged and homeless, chaplains serving adult prisons and youth correctional facilities, and international students. With that said, we believe that our future partners will discover even more powerful new uses."

About God's Word to The Nations Mission Society:

God's Word to the Nations Mission Society is a non-profit organization that identifies and empowers individuals and ministries who will take GOD'S WORD ® to the English-speaking people of the world, focusing especially upon those who do not know Jesus as their Savior. The Society produces a variety of attractive, high quality outreach tools (Scripture portions and complete Bibles) and promotes the biblical outreach strategy: "Become a Seed Planter and Change Lives!" ™

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