Bibles for Armed Forces

Partner with us to get copies of GOD’S WORD of Encouragement booklets into the hands of the brave men and women who are fighting to protect the “temporal” freedoms that we enjoy.​

This continues to be an urgent request because we receive frequent requests from a number of chaplains and servicemen and women for copies of this special edition of GOD’S WORD.

Thanks be to God that our mission society has been blessed with a number of gifts to meet this need.

However... in order to fund future requests, I encourage you, or a group in your congregation, to partner with our mission society and send a check today for whatever amount the Spirit moves you.

Our address:
GOD'S WORD to the Nations Mission Society
PO Box 400
Orange Park, FL 32067-0400

If you prefer to donate online, please visit our donation page.

Thanks for your anticipated “yes” to this urgent request!

GOD'S WORD to the Nations Mission Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable/religious organization recognized by the IRS. Any gift you feel moved to give to our important mission work is tax deductible. Be assured it is needed, and will be well used.

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