Bibles for Children, Girls and Boys

GOD’S WORD® for Boys, GOD’S WORD® for Girls, and GOD’S WORD® for Students were recently awarded the “Best Series of the Year” in the C.S. Lewis Medal Contest sponsored by the Christian School Children / Youth Book Awards.

These exciting study Bibles are designed for the unique needs and interests of boys, girls, and high school students. They are based on the text of the exceptionally readable and accurate Bible translation, GOD’S WORD®.

GOD’S WORD® for Boys and GOD’S WORD® for Girls, developed by a family team led by Dr. Larry Richards, contain brief devotions tied to specific Bible passages, topics that apply Scripture to daily life, portraits of male and female role models from the Bible, and features on what life was like for men and women in Bible times.

Wayne Rice, youth teacher, speaker, and author is the General Editor of GOD’S WORD® for Students. This outstanding student Bible, co-developed by 25 leading youth ministry professionals from around the world, includes 365 daily devotions and over 1,000 application notes that deal with real issues young people face today.

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