Evangelism/Outreach Tools

My goal was to spread the Good News where the name of Christ was not known. I didn’t want to build on a foundation which others had laid. As Scripture says,
“Those who were never told about him will see, and those who never heard will understand.”–Romans 15:20-21 SEED PLANTING:A Biblical Strategy for Outreach!

Partner with our Mission Society in the Biblical Outreach Strategy to equip all of God’s People to “Become Seed Planter’s and Change Lives®!

You can get “SEED PAKS” (complete with some planting tips) and… in the course of your daily activities… “plant” that seed into the lives of people who are in need, people who are searching — people who may not know Jesus as their Savior!

Just think, your partnership in this Biblical “seed planting” initiative could be used by the Holy Spirit to create a real revival — a real “harvest” — in the lives of many people in your family, school, workplace, neighborhood, and community!

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